Pulling out fingernails with pliers, administering electric shocks to the genitals, hanging someone by their feet and hands, tying them up to a chair and leaving them in the sun for hours...


As incredible as it may seem, these and other torture methods continue to be used in at least 141 countries. And if the fact that this occurs is grave, the fact that it is supported and covered up by governments under the pretext of national security is outrageous.


This is the situation we wanted to denounce with the campaign #StopTorture, which consists of three shocking graphic pieces that represent 3 true stories of torture inflicted in Mexico, Morocco and Nigeria. Three atrocities attempted to be hidden under the flags of these countries.


The impact and repercussions of the campaign were such that social pressure was created with extraordinary results:


The case of Ali Arras, who was unfairly imprisoned and subjected to various types of torture, was re-opened in Morocco. http://www.yabiladi.com/articles/details/26084/maroc-justice-enqueter-allegations-torture.html)


And in Mexico, the case of Claudia Medina was re-opened and she was finally exonerated and released.







Agency: La Despensa


Role: Creative Direction


Photographer: Carlos Chimenti


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