We all know that music has the power to make us feel better. And if music can help, wouldn't it be marvellous if there were a song that healed by simply listening to it?


With this idea, and with the help of musicians, producers and sound technicians, we created La Canción que cura (The Healing Song), which became the axis of a campaign to publicise the tremendous work carried out by the non-profit organisation Música en vena (Music in the Vein), bringing music to hospitals so that those that most need it might feel a little better.


We collaborated with musicians, artists, producers, singers and sound technicians and tinkered with the RHYTHM to adjust it to the normal rhythm of the heart so that it might activate areas of the brain that stimulate pleasure. We retouched the HARMONY and MELODY to positively impact on your state of mind. Even the LYRICS were written from real testimonies.



Agency: La Despensa


Role: Creative Direction



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