We try to convince all citizens that the use of the tram causes great environmental benefits and improves the traffic in the city.


To achieve this we relied on a very simple concept, which could transparently reach the population: “Better by tram”Under this concept we launched a very direct and strong message to the entire population of the city, through a video where the director of Tranvía de Murcia himself spoke directly to the citizens, in order to give our message all the credibility it needed:"We trade your car for a lifetime pass for the tram". This simple.


With the cars that we were withdrawing, and using Twitter and Facebook we started an operation that consisted of removing, one by one, the parts of the cars, one part for each comment in favour of the tram. And, of course, we did it on the street within a glass case, downtown, with a video streaming, so that everyone could watch and see.We created viral videos that supported the campaign, and a guerrilla action, parking a car on top of two others, thus showing the disadvantages posed by using the car instead of public transport.


Agency: F33


Role: Partner/ Creative Direction


CdeC Anuario 2012 // Global Light Rail Awards. Mejor Iniciativa Mediambiental 2011


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